Monday, October 5, 2009


So what the heck am I thinking. Well a number of things.

In my recent class on Marketing Thought [Theory?] we got to wrestle with a number of topics and as I tried to make some sense of these I came to the conclusion that maybe we are asking the wrong sort of question. Trying to develop a general theory of marketing, asking if marketing is an art or science? Those academic conundrums miss the point.

My intent is to post a couple of times a week a series of "chapters" that set forth a series of arguments in support of the basic proposition that we would be better off if marketing - at least marketing as we currently know it - went away. Here are some of the topics - more hopefully will surface over the coming weeks.

1. Marketing is a derivative science
2. Marketing lacks a general theory
3. Marketing is dangerous
4. Marketing is too generic to be of any value
5. Marketing is just good management
6. Marketing is just applied economics
7. Marketing is a creative art


  1. Sign me up for a vigorous discussion, but first, please define marketing - I have discovered to my chagrin that many people think it's just marketing communications. Unless of course, that's what you define it to be. OUCH.

  2. Bruce, as we discussed over Jeff Ruby's ribeyes at the Precint last night, one possible definition, to which you heartily disagreed (smile), was that marketing is, in its broadest sense, brand building.

    Let the attacks begin!